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      About Us
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      Add: 16#, Wuhao Road, Dongzhou Industrial Park, Dongzhou Street, Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

      Tel: +86-571-63461988/63167188

      Fax: +86-571-63167118

      E-mail: mxmc666@163.com

      Website: http://www.lyxnyey.com/

      Company Profile

      Hangzhou Fuyang Mingxin doors Co., Ltd. is located in picturesque Fuyang Dongzhou Industrial Park at north shore of Fuchun River. There is beautiful environment and convenient transportation, with Hang-Xin-Jing highway, Hang-Fu yanjiang road across, and Huanggongwang National Forest Park nearby. It is within 25km to Hangzhou and 30km to Xiaoshan International Airport.

      Our company is specialized in manufacturing and installation of aluminum wood /solid wood inward opening hopper window, plastics-steel doors and windows, stainless steel products, security door, glass curtain wall, hollow glass and etc. Annual assemble and production capacity passes 100000 sq.m. We take new type and high-end proximate matter as material, make use of automatic control equipment. Our products are at state level. And they have advantages of energy saving, noise proofing, no water leakage and environmental friendly. In addition, our company has an installation and construction team with professional technology and sincere service. We provide visiting design, measurement, installation and maintenance service. Our target is customer satisfaction.

      Our company lays emphasis on product quality. We have national industrial products production license, production certificate, construction enterprise license and etc. And our company has fine reputation due to high quality and stable products. It is customer satisfaction demonstration unit in Zhejiang. Main cases: Tonglu shopping mall, Tonglu Hailu world trade center, Enbo classics, Qingfeng Wanheyuan, Jiangnan Middle School dormitory building, Shizishan park, Ruyi Huayuan, Qingfeng Wanheyuan, Fuyang people's procuratorate, Fuyang 2nd middle school gymnasium, and so on.

      Our spirit is “cooperation, innovation and dedicated”. We will always develop new products to meet customer demand based on strong technical force, excellent equipment and scientific management.



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